csound-expression-0.1.0: Csound combinator library



Miscellaneous opcodes



system :: (K k0, K k1) => [k0] -> k1 -> String -> KrateSource

  • opcode : system
  • syntax :
   ires system_i itrig, Scmd, [inowait]
   kres system ktrig, Scmd, [knowait]
  • description :

system and system_i call any external command understood by the operating system, similarly to the C function system(). system_i runs at i-time only, while system runs both at initialization and performance time.

modmatrix :: K k0 => Irate -> Irate -> Irate -> Irate -> Irate -> Irate -> k0 -> SignalOutSource

  • opcode : modmatrix
  • syntax :
   modmatrix iresfn, isrcmodfn, isrcparmfn, imodscale, inum_mod, 
       inum_parm, kupdate
  • description :

The opcode can be used to let a large number of k-rate modulator variables modulate a large number of k-rate parameter variables, with arbitrary scaling of each modulator-to-parameter connection. Csound ftables are used to hold both the input (parameter) variables, the modulator variables, and the scaling coefficients. Output variables are written to another Csound ftable.