csound-expression-0.1.0: Csound combinator library



Csound-expression is csound code generator. Program produces value of CsoundFile type. CsoundFile is Show. So that is the way to get csound code. csd function can be invoked to make value of CsoundFile type.

csd :: Flags -> Header -> EventList Dur SignalOut -> CsoundFile
  • Flags is String. It's pasted in place of csounds flags.
  • Header is csound header declaration. See CsoundExpr.Base.Header for more details.
  • EventList represents csound orchestra and score sections. This tutorial is all about how to construct EventList.


EventList contains values with time marks. Value begins at some time and lasts for some time (see temporal-media package) EventList can be constructed from Score with toList function.


Score is tree structure that represents music. Lists contain notes and nodes contain information about how subtrees relate to each other in time. Subtrees can be sequential or parallel. Module CsoundExpr.Base.Score exposes combinators for EventList / Score building. csd function takes in EventList Double SignalOut. Double is type of time-marks. SignalOut represents instrument structure.

Let's make first simple csound code block. It plays d minor chord wih oscilator.

import CsoundExpr
import CsoundExpr.Opcodes(out, oscilA, cpspch)
import CsoundExpr.Base.Pitch
flags  = "-d -o dm.wav"

-- (<=>)  - assignment operator
-- instr0 - packs assignent statements in header statement
setup :: SignalInit
setup = instr0 [
        gSr     <=> 44100,
        gKr     <=> 4410,
        gKsmps  <=> 10,
        gNchnls <=> 1]

header :: Header
header = [setup]

-- gen routine (see CsoundExpr.Base.Gens)
sinWave :: Irate
sinWave = gen10 4096 [1] 

-- oscilator instrument
instr :: Irate -> SignalOut
instr x = out $ oscilA [] (num 1000) (cpspch x) sinWave

-- line, note - Score constructors (see CsoundExpr.Base.Score)
-- Score is a Functor, so it's possible to use instruments as
--   functions on abstract note representation.
--   here note is represented with pitch value of type Irate 
--   (Irate is csound's init value) 
sco = fmap instr $ line $ map (note 1) [d 0, f 0, a 0, d 1]

-- toList - converts Score to EventList (see CsoundExpr.Base.Score)
dmCode = csd flags header $ toList sco