Changelog for csound-expression-0.2.0

-> 0.2.0 fixes few docs bugs, new functions in CsoundExpr.Base.Score : extends TemporalFunctor with new methods tmap, dmap, tdmap for mapping dependent on time/duration, enveloping on Score level (diminuendo or crescendo) WARNING : API changes : tmap is now dmap and tmap stands for time dependent mapping (not duration as it was before), new class Sustainable, adds ability for legato and pedal (sustain, sustainBy functions) new class TemporalStretch, adds ability to stretch score depndent on note's start time (ritardando or accelerando) adds list-like operations on Scores : reverseS, takeS, dropS new function in CsoundExpr.Base.Arithmetic ^+ - shift with Irate -> 0.1.0 new type BoolRate, functional if/then/else is possible new operators : <^>, <%> scaling becomes ^* (due to <* is defined as lower then for signals) -> 0.0.3 fixes a bug with p-fields assignment -> 0.0.2 fixes a bug in dependencies -> 0.0.1 adds Tutorial 0.0