csound-expression-4.1.0: library to make electronic music

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The functions from this module specify the geometry of the GUI-elements. They tell where to render the elements.

Every element is rectangular. To know where to place the element is to know the parameters of the bounding rectangle. All rectangles are relative and automatically aligned.

We have two functions for grouping. They construct horizontal and vertical groups of the elements. Within the group we can change the relative size of the rectangles (by scaling one side of the rectangle). In place of rectangle we can put an empty space.


hor :: [Gui] -> Gui

ver :: [Gui] -> Gui

sca :: Double -> Gui -> Gui

horSca :: [(Double, Gui)] -> Gui

verSca :: [(Double, Gui)] -> Gui

padding :: Int -> Gui -> Gui

margin :: Int -> Gui -> Gui