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This was originally Tomasz Zielonka's AtExit module, slightly generalised to include global variables. Here, we attempt to cover broad, global features, such as exit handlers. These features slightly break the Haskellian purity of darcs, in favour of programming convenience.
atexit :: IO () -> IO ()Source
with_atexit :: IO a -> IO aSource
sshControlMasterDisabled :: BoolSource
setSshControlMasterDisabled :: IO ()Source
verboseMode :: BoolSource
setVerboseMode :: IO ()Source
timingsMode :: BoolSource
setTimingsMode :: IO ()Source
whenDebugMode :: IO () -> IO ()Source
withDebugMode :: (Bool -> IO a) -> IO aSource
setDebugMode :: IO ()Source
debugMessage :: String -> IO ()Source
debugFail :: String -> IO aSource
putTiming :: IO ()Source
darcsdir :: StringSource
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