darcs-2.10.1: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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merge :: Merge p => (p :\/: p) wX wY -> (p :/\: p) wX wY Source

merger :: PrimPatch prim => String -> Patch prim wX wY -> Patch prim wX wZ -> Sealed (Patch prim wY) Source

merger takes two patches, (which have been determined to conflict) and constructs a Merger patch to represent the conflict. p1 is considered to be conflicting with p2 (p1 is the "first" patch in the repo ordering), the resulting Merger is therefore a representation of p2.

unravel :: PrimPatch prim => Patch prim wX wY -> [Sealed (FL prim wX)] Source

publicUnravel :: PrimPatch prim => Patch prim wX wY -> [Sealed (FL prim wY)] Source