darcs-2.10.2: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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data Patch prim wX wY where Source

The format of a merger is Merger undos unwindings conflicting original.

undos = the effect of the merger

unwindings = TODO: eh?

conflicting = the patch we conflict with

original = the patch we really are


PP :: prim wX wY -> Patch prim wX wY 
Merger :: FL (Patch prim) wX wY -> RL (Patch prim) wX wB -> Patch prim wC wB -> Patch prim wC wD -> Patch prim wX wY 
Regrem :: FL (Patch prim) wX wY -> RL (Patch prim) wX wB -> Patch prim wC wB -> Patch prim wC wA -> Patch prim wY wX 


Show2 prim => Show2 (Patch prim) Source 
PatchListFormat (Patch prim) Source 
PatchDebug prim => PatchDebug (Patch prim) Source 
MaybeInternal (Patch prim) Source 
NameHack (Patch prim) Source 
Check (Patch prim) Source 
FromPrim (Patch prim) Source 
PrimPatch prim => PrimPatchBase (Patch prim) Source 
RecontextRebase (Patch prim) Source 
Show2 prim => Show1 (Patch prim wX) Source 
Show2 prim => Show (Patch prim wX wY) Source 
type ApplyState (Patch prim) = ApplyState prim Source 
type PrimOf (Patch prim) = prim Source 

isMerger :: Patch prim wA wB -> Bool Source

mergerUndo :: Patch prim wX wY -> FL (Patch prim) wX wY Source