darcs-2.10.2: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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data Repository p wRecordedstate wUnrecordedstate wTentativestate Source

A Repository is a token representing the state of a repository on disk. It is parameterized by the patch type in the repository, and witnesses for the recorded state of the repository (i.e. what darcs get would retrieve), the unrecorded state (what's in the working directory now), and the tentative state, which represents work in progress that will eventually become the new recorded state unless something goes wrong.


Show (Repository p wRecordedstate wUnrecordedstate wTentativestate) Source 

modifyCache :: forall p wR wU wT. RepoPatch p => Repository p wR wU wT -> (Cache -> Cache) -> Repository p wR wU wT Source

modifyCache repository function modifies the cache of repository with function, remove duplicates and sort the results with compareByLocality.