darcs-2.2.0: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control systemSource codeContentsIndex
check_paths :: Patchy p => [DarcsFlag] -> FL p -> IO ()
malicious_patches :: Patchy p => [Sealed2 p] -> [Sealed2 p]
has_malicious_path :: Patchy p => p -> Bool
check_paths :: Patchy p => [DarcsFlag] -> FL p -> IO ()Source
A convenience function to call from all darcs command functions before applying any patches. It checks for malicious paths in patches, and prints an error message and fails if it finds one.
malicious_patches :: Patchy p => [Sealed2 p] -> [Sealed2 p]Source
Filter out patches that contains some malicious file path
has_malicious_path :: Patchy p => p -> BoolSource
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