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Path resolving:

  • A URL contains the sequence "://".
  • A local filepath does not contain colons, except as second character (windows drives).
  • A path that is neither a URL nor a local file is an ssh-path.


 /usr/repo/foo                 -- local file
 c:/src/darcs                  -- local file
 http://darcs.net/             -- URL
 peter@host:/path              -- ssh
 droundy@host:                 -- ssh
 host:/path                    -- ssh

This means that single-letter hosts in ssh-paths do not work, unless a username is provided.

Perhaps ssh-paths should use "ssh://user@host/path"-syntax instead?

is_file :: String -> BoolSource
is_url :: String -> BoolSource
is_ssh :: String -> BoolSource
is_relative :: String -> BoolSource
is_absolute :: String -> BoolSource
is_ssh_nopath :: String -> BoolSource
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