Changelog for data-spacepart-20090215.0

- Renamed Math.Geometry to Data.SpacePart.AABB - Renamed Data.QuadTree to Data.SpacePart.QuadTree - Added Data.SpacePart.QuadTree.query. Returns all elements that intersect a given boundary. - The inclusive nature of the boundary's min extent should take precedence of the exclusive nature of the max extent. Before this change many of the tests failed when boundaries of 0 area were involved. One case that did not work was constructing a quadtree containing elements of 0 area. This change corrected this. The tests all_elements_inserted_query_prop and element_bounds_query_is_element_prop stil fail if the element is of 0 area. - Cannot create quadtrees with initial bounds of 0 area. - Removed requirement on elements being an instance of the Intersectable class. The only required instance is of Data.SpacePart.AABB.HasBoundary. - Changed version number to 3000.B.C to follow the standard package version policy and be greater than the previous date-based releases. - Added some QuickCheck based checks. Run with test/run_verify - Cleaned up the module exports. 20090126.0 - Initial release.