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Implementation of Quoted-Printable based on RFC 2045 (

This encoding encodes _everything_ that is passed in, it will not try to guess the native line ending for your architecture. In other words, if you are using this to encode text you need to split it into separate lines before encoding and chopping it up.

Further documentation and information can be found at

encode :: [Word8] -> String
decode :: String -> Maybe [Word8]
decode' :: String -> [Maybe Word8]
chop :: Int -> String -> [String]
unchop :: [String] -> String
encode :: [Word8] -> StringSource
Encode data.
decode :: String -> Maybe [Word8]Source
Decode data (strict).
decode' :: String -> [Maybe Word8]Source
:: Intlength of individual lines (values < 4 are ignored)
-> String
-> [String]
Chop up a string in parts.
unchop :: [String] -> StringSource
Concatenate the list of strings into one long string.
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