ddc-core- Disciplined Disciple Compiler core language and type checker.

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Defines allowable unicode operator symbols.

We want to allow the use of common operator symbols that most people can pronounce, but deny the ones that can be confused with others.

NOTE: We also want to guide client programmers into using unicode symbols in a sane and friendly way. When we add operator definitions, setup the syntax so that each operator is naturally given a pronouncable name.

operator compose ∘ as infix 5 operator union ∪ as infix 3 operator sqrt √ as prefix operator and ∧ / as infix 3

Give up on && and || for logical AND and OR operators. If we allow ∧ and ∨ then the ASCII version should be / and /.

We could then provide a compiler command to lookup the name and input information for provided operators.



unicodeOperatorsInfix :: Set Char Source #

Unicode operators that are used infix.