debian-1.2.1: A set of modules for working with Debian control files and packages




data SourceType Source



parseSourceLine :: String -> DebSourceSource

parseSourceLine -- parses a source line the argument must be a non-empty, valid source line with comments stripped see: sourceLines

quoteWords :: String -> [String]Source

quoteWords - similar to words, but with special handling of double-quotes and brackets.

The handling double quotes and [] is supposed to match: apt-

The behaviour can be defined as:

Break the string into space seperated words ignoring spaces that appear between "" or []. Strip trailing and leading white space around words. Strip out double quotes, but leave the square brackets intact.

archFiles :: FilePath -> Maybe String -> DebSource -> [FilePath]Source

Return the list of files that apt-get update would write into /var/lib/apt/lists when it processed the given list of DebSource. FIXME: remove the root argument from this and just return the names.