debian-3.69: Modules for working with the Debian package system

Safe HaskellNone



an interface for using the methods in varlibaptmethods



withMethodPath :: FilePath -> (MethodHandle -> IO a) -> IO aSource

withMethod - run |methodPath| bracketed with openMethod/closeMethod. |f| gets the open handle.

withMethodURI :: URI -> (MethodHandle -> IO a) -> IO aSource

whichMethodPath :: URI -> IO (Maybe FilePath)Source

whichMethodBinary - find the method executable associated with a URI throws an exception on failure

openMethod :: FilePath -> IO MethodHandleSource

closeMethod :: MethodHandle -> IO ExitCodeSource

recvStatus :: MethodHandle -> IO StatusSource

sendCommand :: MethodHandle -> Command -> IO ()Source

fetch :: FetchCallbacks -> [ConfigItem] -> URI -> FilePath -> Maybe UTCTime -> IO BoolSource

fetch a single item, show console output see also: getLastModified

emptyFetchCallbacks :: FetchCallbacksSource

set of callbacks which do nothing. suitable for non-interactive usage. In the case authorization is required, no credentials will be supplied and the download should abort.