debian-3.87.2: Modules for working with the Debian package system

Safe HaskellNone



Changelog and changes file support.



data ChangesFile Source

A file generated by dpkg-buildpackage describing the result of a package build




changeDir :: FilePath

The full pathname of the directory holding the .changes file.

changePackage :: String

The package name parsed from the .changes file name

changeVersion :: DebianVersion

The version number parsed from the .changes file name

changeRelease :: ReleaseName

The Distribution field of the .changes file

changeArch :: Arch

The architecture parsed from the .changes file name

changeInfo :: Paragraph' Text

The contents of the .changes file

changeEntry :: ChangeLogEntry

The value of the Changes field of the .changes file

changeFiles :: [ChangedFileSpec]

The parsed value of the Files attribute

data ChangeLogEntry Source

A changelog is a series of ChangeLogEntries


WhiteSpace String

The parser here never returns this

parseChangeLog :: String -> ChangeLog Source

Parse the entries of a debian changelog and verify they are all valid.

parseEntries :: String -> [Either [String] ChangeLogEntry] Source

Parse a Debian Changelog and return a lazy list of entries

parseEntry :: String -> Either [String] (ChangeLogEntry, String) Source

Parse a single changelog entry, returning the entry and the remaining text.

parseChanges :: Text -> Maybe ChangeLogEntry Source

Parse the changelog information that shows up in the .changes file, i.e. a changelog entry with no signature.