debian-3.87.2: Modules for working with the Debian package system

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data Relation Source


Eq Relation 
Ord Relation 
Read Relation 
Show Relation 
Pretty (PP Relation) 
Pretty (PP OrRelation) 
Pretty (PP Relations)

Wrap PP around type synonyms that might overlap with the `Pretty [a]` instance.

class Pretty (PP a) => PkgName a where Source

class ParseRelations a where Source


parseRelations :: a -> Either ParseError Relations Source

parseRelations parse a debian relation (i.e. the value of a Depends field). Return a parsec error or a value of type Relations

prettyRelations :: [[Relation]] -> Doc Source

This needs to be indented for use in a control file: intercalate "n " . lines . show

data VersionReq Source


Eq VersionReq 
Ord VersionReq

The sort order is based on version number first, then on the kind of relation, sorting in the order

Read VersionReq 
Show VersionReq 
Pretty (PP VersionReq) 

checkVersionReq :: Maybe VersionReq -> Maybe DebianVersion -> Bool Source

Check if a version number satisfies a version requirement.