dependent-map: Dependent finite maps (partial dependent products)

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Provides a type called DMap which generalizes Data.Map.Map, allowing keys to specify the type of value that can be associated with them.

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Versions0.1, 0.1.1,,,,,,,,, 0.3, 0.3
Dependenciesbase (>=3 && <5), constraints-extras (>= && <0.4), containers (==0.6.*), dependent-sum (>=0.6.1 && <0.7) [details]
AuthorJames Cook <>
MaintainerJames Cook <>
CategoryData, Dependent Types
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dependent-map Build Status

This library defines a dependently-typed finite map type. It is derived from Data.Map.Map in the containers package, but rather than (conceptually) storing pairs indexed by the first component, it stores DSums (from the dependent-sum package) indexed by tag. For example (using the types from the dependent-sum package's FooGADT example):

import FooGADT
import Data.Dependent.Map

x = fromList [Foo :=> pi, Baz :=> "hello there"]
y = singleton Bar 42
z = union y (read "fromList [Foo :=> (-1.1415926535897931)]")

addFoo :: Foo v -> v -> v -> v
addFoo Foo x y = x + y
addFoo _   x _ = x

main = mapM_ print
    [ x, y, z
    , unionWithKey addFoo x z

Which prints:

fromList [Foo :=> 3.141592653589793,Baz :=> "hello there"]
fromList [Bar :=> 42]
fromList [Foo :=> -1.1415926535897931,Bar :=> 42]
fromList [Foo :=> 2.0,Bar :=> 42,Baz :=> "hello there"]

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