Changelog for diagrams-cairo-0.5

0.5: 9 March 2012 * New features - New Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.Text module by Michael Sloan, with functions for creating appropriately sized text objects by querying cairo for the size, and related supporting functions. - Basic support for animation, by generating frames sampled at regular intervals. - Proper vertical alignment of default text based on font parameters (Michael Sloan). - Requesting just a width or height now causes the other to be computed appropriately. * API changes - Move "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo" to "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo.Internal" and export everything. "Diagrams.Backend.Cairo" now just re-exports selected functions from Internal. This allows anyone who wants access to the helper/utility functions to import Internal. * Dependency/version changes - relax cmdargs upper bound - GHC 7.4.1 compatibility: update base, filepath, old-time upper bounds * Bug fixes - #54: Generate warning for missing image files (Ian Ross). 0.4: 22 October 2011 * New features: + Support for drawing directly to Gtk widgets + Support for path fill rule attribute * New/improved examples * Improved documentation * Bug fixes: + Warning for unsupported image types (#41) 0.3: 18 June 2011 * Some new/improved examples * New features: + simple text support + simple support for external PNG images 0.2: 3 June 2011 * add Typeable and other instances for Cairo type * generalize Result type to (IO (), Render ()), so programs that don't want to generate a file but just want a Render operation (e.g. to use to paint a gtk window) can use the second component. * add support for opacity attribute and path clipping 0.1.2: 18 May 2011 * link to new website 0.1.1: 18 May 2011 * fix tic-tac-toe example 0.1: 17 May 2011 * initial preview release