Changelog for diagrams-contrib- 16 March 2012 * Add Andrew Kennedy's symmetric rose tree layout algorithm to Diagrams.TwoD.Layout.Tree 9 March 2012 Initial release, containing: * Diagrams.Layout.Wrap, for laying out diagrams "wrapped" inside an arbitrary region (Michael Sloan) * Diagrams.TwoD.Tilings, for generating various 2D regular tilings (Brent Yorgey) * Diagrams.TwoD.Apollonian, for generating Apollonian gaskets (Brent Yorgey) * Diagrams.TwoD.Layout.Tree, tree layout and drawing algorithms (Brent Yorgey) * Diagrams.TwoD.Path.Turtle, creation of 2D paths using a stateful "turtle" interface (Michael Sloan)