diagrams-lib-0.7: Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics

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Basic types for three-dimensional Euclidean space.


3D Euclidean space

data R3 Source

The three-dimensional Euclidean vector space R^3.

r3 :: (Double, Double, Double) -> R3Source

Construct a 3D vector from a triple of components.

unr3 :: R3 -> (Double, Double, Double)Source

Convert a 3D vector back into a triple of components.

type P3 = Point R3Source

Points in R^3.

p3 :: (Double, Double, Double) -> P3Source

Construct a 3D point from a triple of coordinates.

unp3 :: P3 -> (Double, Double, Double)Source

Convert a 2D point back into a triple of coordinates.

type T3 = Transformation R3Source

Transformations in R^3.