disk-free-space- Retrieve information about disk space usage

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data DiskUsage Source

Disk usage information. All fields are in bytes.




diskTotal :: Integer

The total size of the file system.

diskFree :: Integer

The amount of free space. You probably want to use diskAvail instead.

diskAvail :: Integer

The amount of space available to the user. Might be less than diskFree. On Windows, this is always equal to diskFree. This is what most tools report as free space (e.g. the unix df tool).

blockSize :: Int

The optimal block size for I/O in this volume. Some operating systems report incorrect values for this field.

getDiskUsage :: FilePath -> IO DiskUsage Source

Retrieve disk usage information about a volume. The volume is specified with the FilePath argument. The path can refer to the root directory or any other directory inside the volume. Unix systems also accept arbitrary files, but this does not work under Windows and therefore should be avoided if portability is desired.

getAvailSpace :: FilePath -> IO Integer Source

A convenience function that directly returns the diskAvail field from the result of getDiskUsage. If a large amount of data is to be written in a directory, calling this function for that directory can be used to determine whether the operation will fail because of insufficient disk space.