A library for SPF(<http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4408>)
 and Sender-ID(<http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4406>).
module Network.DomainAuth.SPF (
  , Limit(..)
  , defaultLimit
  ) where

import Data.IP
import Network.DNS (Domain, Resolver)
import Network.DomainAuth.Types
import Network.DomainAuth.SPF.Eval
import Network.DomainAuth.SPF.Resolver
import System.IO.Error

  Process SPF authentication. 'IP' is an IP address of an SMTP peer.
  If 'Domain' is specified from SMTP MAIL FROM, authentication is
  based on SPF. If 'Domain' is specified from the From field of mail
  header, authentication is based on SenderID. If condition reaches
  'Limit', 'SpfPermError' is returned.
runSPF :: Limit -> Resolver -> Domain -> IP -> IO DAResult
runSPF lim resolver dom ip =
    (resolveSPF resolver dom ip >>= evalSPF lim ip) `catch` spfErrorHandle

spfErrorHandle :: IOError -> IO DAResult
spfErrorHandle e = case ioeGetErrorString e of
                     "TempError" -> return DATempError
                     "PermError" -> return DAPermError
                     _           -> return DANone