dsmc- DSMC library for rarefied gas dynamics

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Particle tracking for spatial grid for DSMC.

This module is used to sort (classify) particles into ordered vector of cells for collision step or macroscopic parameter sampling. We do not provide any special cell datatype since it varies which cell data is required on every step, so only particles in every cell are stored.

Monad is provided for storing grid options during the whole program run.


Generic functions for cells

data Cells Source

Particles sorted by cells.

We store contents of all cells in a single densely packed unboxed vector. Additionally cell count, cell starting positions in vector (s) and cell sizes (l) are stored.

   s1         s2    s3
   |          |     |
     cell1     c2     c3
     l1=9      l2=4   l3=6

Note that any extra data about cells (like position or volume) should be maintained separately from cell contents. We use this approach because collision sampling and macroscopic parameter calculation require different

type CellContents = Vector ParticleSource

Cell contents with particles.



:: Cells 
-> Int

Cell index.

-> Maybe CellContents 

Fetch contents of n-th cell.

cellMap :: (Int -> Maybe CellContents -> a) -> Cells -> Array D DIM1 aSource

Map a function over cell indices and contents of every cell.

Particle tracking

type Classifier = Particle -> IntSource

Assuming there's a linear ordering on all cells, Classifier must yield index of cell for given particle.



:: (Int, Classifier)

Cell count and classifier.

-> Ensemble 
-> Cells 

Classify particle ensemble into N cells using the classifier function.

Classifier's extent must match N, yielding numbers between 0 and N-1.


data Grid Source

Domain divided in uniform grid with given steps by X, Y and Z axes.


makeUniformClassifier :: Grid -> (Int, Classifier)Source

Return grid cell count and classifier for a grid.

makeUniformIndexer :: Grid -> IndexerSource

Return indexer for a grid.

Monadic interface

type GridMonad = ReaderT GridWares DSMCRootMonadSource

Monad used to keep grid options and cell volumes. Due to the low-level Cells structure we use to store particles sorted in cells, things may break badly if improper/inconsistent classifier/indexer parameters are used with cells structure. It also helps to maintain precalculated cell volumes. See MacroSamplingMonad.

data GridWares Source

Data stored in GridMonad.




classifier :: (Int, Classifier)

Cell count and classifier function.

indexer :: Int -> Point
volumes :: !(Vector Double)

Vector of cell volumes.



:: GridMonad a 
-> ParallelSeeds

One-use seeds used for

-> Grid 
-> Body

Body within the domain of the grid.

-> Int

Use that many points to approximate every cell volume.

-> DSMCRootMonad a 

Run action using spatial subdivision.



:: ParallelSeeds

One-use seeds for cut cell volume approximation.

-> Grid 
-> Body 
-> Int 
-> Vector Double 

Calculate volumes of grid cells wrt body within the domain. For every cell, freeVolume is called with the domain of cell. Calculation is performed in parallel.

Since our grid are static, this is usually done only once when the grid is first defined. We throw away the used seeds.