eibd-client-simple-0.0.4: EIBd Client

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type GroupM = MaybeT (StateT GroupCache IO) Source

Handle cached group values

execGroupM :: GroupM a -> Connection -> GroupCache -> IO GroupCache Source

Execute a GroupM action. Changes to group values will be send to EIBd after the GroupM action has run.

tryGroupM :: a -> GroupM a -> GroupM a Source

Try to execute a GroupM action. If it fails return the given alternative value.

tryGroupM_ :: GroupM a -> GroupM () Source

Similar to "tryGroupM" but without an alternative return value.

Cache Interaction

putGroup :: DatapointType a => GroupAddress -> a -> GroupM () Source

Update a group value. The new value will be commited to the cache immediately but not to the bus. See "execGroupM" for more.

getGroup :: DatapointType a => GroupAddress -> GroupM a Source

Fetch a group value. If a group value is not cached yet, this function will silently fail and stop further instructions. Even in a case of failure, previous changes to group values will be commited to EIBd.

clearGroups :: GroupM () Source

Clear the entire cache.

uncacheGroup :: GroupAddress -> GroupM () Source

Remove one group from the cache.