| Module : Text.Eros Description : Capstone Module for eros Copyright : 2014, Peter Harpending. License : BSD3 Maintainer : Peter Harpending Stability : experimental Portability : archlinux This module serves as a bit of a capstone to the whole eros library. The idea being you can just import this module, and get all of the functions from all the rest of eros. You will have to look in the documentation for the sub-modules for the functions. I haven't quite figured out how to get the documentation to show up here yet.
> module Text.Eros (module Text.Eros) where
> import Text.Eros.Message    as Text.Eros
> import Text.Eros.Phrase     as Text.Eros
> import Text.Eros.Phraselist as Text.Eros