Changelog for extcore-1.0.2

extcore change log New in version 1.0.1: * Fixed documentation URL in README. Updated required Cabal version. New in version 1.0: * Disambiguate everythingBut function defined in Language.Core.Utils, as Data.Generics in GHC 7 defines a function with the same name (but a different type); thanks to Jason Dagit. * As the library appears to have more than one user and no major bugs have been reported, increment version to 1.0. New in version 0.9.2: * Added debug printer code, contributed by Neil Brown (see Language.Core.DebugPrinter) New in version 0.9.1: * Print out negative rational literals correctly (that is, according to the External Core syntax specification). New in version 0.9: * Documentation only. New in version 0.8: * Added more library patches (allowing for more library code to be usefully compiled to External Core). * Removed stray debug traces. New in version 0.7: * Tested with GHC 6.12.2 and 6.10.4, and updated compiler flags appropriately. * Eliminated compiler warnings in ParsecParser (no substantial changes) and some other modules. New in version 0.6: * Re-added old lexer and happy parser. (The Parsec parser is quite inefficient and not recommended if you desire good performance. It contains some backtracking that could be removed easily, but other kinds of backtracking in it are harder to remove while keeping the parser nice and modular.) * Rewrote ElimDeadCode without using Data.Generics. * Re-added Dependencies module. * Fixed bug in Prep that was causing some unapplied data constructors to not be eta-expanded. * Changed Env type to Data.Map everywhere. * Fixed bug in Printer with printing of escape characters.