Changelog for extra-0.3.2

Changelog for Extra 0.3.2 Remove use of ===, allows older QuickCheck versions 0.3.1 Fix a bug in breakEnd/spanEnd 0.3 Rename showTime to showDuration Add stringException Eliminate rep/reps, use replace instead Switch distinct for allSame/anySame Optimise the numeric conversions Rename chop to repeatedly Add whenM/unlessM Redo the Tuple module, additions and deletions Add newTempFile, newTempDir Add createDirectoryPrivate Rename strip* to trim* Generalise showException 0.2 Redo the cons/uncons functions Add withTempDir Rename withTemporaryFile to withTempFile Change trim to strip (follow text naming convention) Ensure operators get exported 0.1 Initial version, still unstable