factual-api-0.1.2: A driver for the Factual API

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This module exports functions which are used to execute queries and handle the OAuth authentication process.


API functions

makeRequest :: Query query => Token -> query -> IO ResponseSource

This function takes an OAuth token and a query (which is member of the Query typeclass and returns an IO action which will fetch a response from the Factual API.

generateToken :: Credentials -> TokenSource

This function takes a set of credentials and returns an OAuth token that can be used to make requests.

The hoauth Token type

data Token

The OAuth Token.



This token is used to perform 2 legged OAuth requests.


The service provider has granted you the request token but the user has not yet authorized your application. You need to exchange this token by a proper AccessToken, but this may only happen after user has granted you permission to do so.


This is a proper 3 legged OAuth. The difference between this and ReqToken is that user has authorized your application and you can perform requests on behalf of that user.