Changelog for fgl- ------- * Fix up Eq instances for Tree and PatriciaTree so that they work with multiple edges. ------- * Add proper Show, Read and Eq instances to Data.Graph.Inductive.Tree and Data.Graph.Inductive.PatriciaTree. * Add pretty-printing functions to Data.Graph.Inductive.Graph. These are based upon the old Show implementation for Data.Graph.Inductive.Tree. * Now use PatriciaTree by default rather than Tree (and recommend as such). IntMap has been receiving a lot of optimisation work on it, whereas the internal FiniteMap implementation hasn't received any attention. * The `version :: IO ()` action now uses the actual Cabal version. * Remove Data.Graph.Inductive.Graphviz; use the graphviz package instead. ------- * Update to work with GHC-7.2 and Cabal-1.6. ------- * Maintainership taken over by Ivan Miljenovic. * Allow Data.Graph.Inductive.PatriciaTree to deal with multiple edges between nodes.