final-0.1: utility to add extra safety to monadic returns

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An alternative to Control.Final is a using the writer monad.

 instance Monoid a => Monoid (IO a) where
   mempty = return mempty
   mappend = liftA2 mappend

 stmExampleW = do
   tv <- newTVarIO "xxx"
   join $ atomically $ execWriterT $ do
     val <- lift $ readTVar tv
     case val of
       "xxx" -> do
         lift $ writeTVar tv "foobar"
         tell $ print "it was xxx"
       "yyy" -> do
         lift $ writeTVar tv "quux"
         tell $ print "it was yyy"
     tell $ print "I finished"

This works. Unfortunately when using the writer, you have to lift every operation of the base monad and also there is no such thing as finalTell to specify that this is a return point of the function. On the positive side, the writer alternative let's you gather multiple IO operations together using a Monoid, while final can't do that.