Changelog for flow2dot-

tagged 0.7 * Added Order directive (see sample.flow for usage) * Fix: identifier could not be empty * Removing useles import * Preserve UTF8 chars in "reflow" * Fix to preserve UTF8 chars in "showDot" (again) * Imported Dot.hs from dotgen 0.4.1 * Fixed "lost edge" errors from graphviz tagged 0.6.1 * Forgot to add Text.Dot local override to cabal. Thnx to dons for spotting it tagged 0.6 * Fixed repo URL in README * Made sources compilable with QuickCheck2 * Dotgen kills UTF-8 in graph attributes. Incorporated patched version of dotgen-0.2 into flow2dot until it will be fixed upstream * Added quickCheck.hs and tagged 0.5.1 * Moved all flow diagram processing to separate module (exposed from this package) tagged 0.4 * Documentation fixes * Switched to `dotgen` package for all graphviz generation needs. Dropped support of preformatted strings in flow files. tagged 0.3.1 * Fixed links to repo and docs tagged 0.3 * Ditched Text.UTF8 in favor of utf8-string library * Quotes inside messages are now properly escaped for Dot. Sample updated accordingly. tagged 0.2.1 * Version bump to 0.2.1 - ready for GHC 6.8.2 * -Wall * +LANGUAGE pragmas tagged 0.2 * Some minor clarifications in docs * Dropped regex-based parser in favor of parsec-based due to issues with Unicode * Added QuickCheck to cabal, added LICENSE to Dot.hs * Added QuickCheck for Flow parser/pretty-printer * Moved graph generation into separate module * Added UTF8 module * cabalization tagged 0.1 * initial version