Changelog for funcmp-1.0

2004-10-25 * sin, cos, tan must use radians, not degrees to be conform to the semantics of Floating changed Sin to SinD and Cos to CosD The change of interpretation of numbers will break all examples relying on degrees. 2004-01-18 Peter Simons <> * src/FMP.lhs: add Doc to the export list * Many, many changes to make the source compile with ghc 6.x and run with Hugs. * src/FMP.lhs: Don't export FMP.PP in FMP.lhs. * Converted modules to hierarchical namespace. * Seriously cleaned-up the import and export lists. FMP.lhs now includes all and provides all. 2002-09-22 Ferenc Wagner <> * src/core/FMP{,Core,Mpsyntax,PP}: Added some comments in ( wferi ? -- wferi ) blocks. Questions are marked by ?s. * doc/Tutorial_eng.lhs: Corrected documentation on units of measure (reported by Dylan Thurston <>). 2002-09-06 Marco Kuhlmann <> Imported sources into Savannah CVS. * FMPFile.lhs (getParameters): Changed configuration file name from .FuncMP to fmp.ini to prevent this file from being overlooked. Eventually, the handling of configuration files should be smarter (cf. the way it is done in kpathsea). * Fontmap: Removed from the distribution. The font mapping is a task that has to be solved on the metapost (TeX distribution) level, and not within FMP. * AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL, NEWS, README: new files Added copyright statements to all files. Created a new directory structure. 2002-05-27 Ferenc Wagner <> * .FuncMP: Perhaps more usable defaults given. * Fontmap: Included the whole BlueSky family of CM. * Manual.tex: Removed from the distribution (it is a generated file). * README.doc, Manual_eng.lhs,, Tutorial_eng.lhs,,, Added documentation by Meik Hellmund. Thanks for it! * lhs2TeX.fmt: Added version from Joachim's thesis. * Applied Meik's patch for Depth 8. 2001-12-04 Ferenc Wagner <> * FMPMain.lhs (main): \epsfig changed to \includegraphics. 2001-12-03 Ferenc Wagner <> * FMPTree.lhs (replaceName, replaceEquation): Catch-all pattern removed. Everything is covered by the previous patters. * FMPTerm.lhs (add, sub, mul): 'Const' constructors added before zeroes to suppress GHC warnings. * FMPResolve.lhs (resolvePath): Catch-all pattern removed. Everything is covered by the previous patters. * FMPPicture.lhs: 'Pic' type synonym removed. It caused confusion with the 'Pic' data constructor in FMPTerm.lhs. * FMPPicture.lhs: 'removeWidth' and 'removeHeight' added to the 'Frame' instance. I don't really know what they are supposed to do, so I made up something... 2001-12-02 Ferenc Wagner <> * FMPCore.lhs: import FMPPicture * FMPResolve.lhs: import FMPPicture 2001-12-01 Ferenc Wagner <> * .FuncMP (prolog): Hungarian defaults. (newmp): False - use simpler names. (mp_bin): MPINPUTS and TEX variable setup. * FMPColor.lhs (instance Num Color): fromInt deleted. (instance Fractional Color): fromInt -> fromInteger. * FMPFrames.lhs (fuzzy, cloud): fromRealFrac -> realToFrac, fromInt -> fromIntegral. (randomDoubles): fromInt -> fromIntegral. * FMPPicture.lhs (image): fromDouble deleted. (instance IsPath (a, b)): Superflous Num removed from context. * FMPTerm.lhs (instance Num Term): fromInt deleted. * FMPTree.lhs (instance Num (a, b), instance Num Distance): fromInt deleted. (calcPos'): fromInt -> fromIntegral. * FMPTypes.lhs (instance Num Dir, instance Num Pen, instance Num Boolean, instance Num Point, instance Num Numeric): fromInt deleted. * Added 'special' block for fshow customization. * Tutorial.lhs (image, cimage): removed. Use them from FMPPicture.lhs.