Changelog for fungll-combinators- -> + export maximumPivots and maximumPivotAtNt -> + include bit of the input string when showing an error message (without whitespace) + exporting <multiple/some/many>SepBy2 + exporting within, parens, braces, brackets, angles, quotes and dquotes + added character literals to Token type + exporting <:= + <<<**> and <**>>> for shortest and longest match, respectively defined some/many and variants using <**>>> and <<<**> disambiguation remains very experimental -> + exporting chooses -> + parse option for disabling select test (lookahead) -> + replaced parser by reduced descriptor GLL (RGLL) + renamed GLL.Types.Grammar to GLL.Types.Derivations + renamed GLL.Types.Abstract to GLL.Types.Grammar + exporting GLL.Types.Grammar, GLL.Types.Derivations, GLL.Combinators.Options, GLL.Combinators.Memoisation, GLL.Flags -> + generalised `within` + different whitespace and comment handling in predefined lexer + predefined lexer handles (nested) comment-blocks -> M added hex, octal and binary representation to integer literals + added float literals + exporting `preferably` and `reluctantly` M renamed `rassoc` to shortest_match M renamed `lassoc` to longest_match - removed `assoc` + version of `chooses` that is left-biased (w.r.t. alternatives) + generalised arguments of longest_match and shortest_match to IsAltExpr + exporting `optionalWithDef` -> + `chooses` cannot be given an empty list (runtime error) + updated `base` dependency -> + relaxed cabal version constraint -> + generalised the definition of `within` combinator with respect to token type -> + simplified Ridge's "parsing context" in the semantic phase -> + unified usage of input in both parser and combinators, speeding up initialisation of large files + fixed 'noSelectTest' 'ParseOption' -> + reinstated a "binarised version" of the interface + count number of successes in ParseResult, not just True/False -> + build expression grammars from operator tables -> + integer literals are now by default considered as natural numbers only, the 'signed_int_lits' flag of 'LexerSettings' can be used to turn on signed integers, restoring the behaviour of previous versions -> + export 'grammarOf' + let 'parse' throw errors by default + changed priorities of operator tables to doubles + removed need to specify associativity of prefix operators in operator table