Changelog for fuzzytime-0.7.8

TODO check Spanish: 21 (las? la?), halves timer for Danish, Greek, Italian and Spanish halv midnatt -> Swedish config file (+ when to play the sound/s) read default language from $LANG (hFlush!) daemon? 0.7.8 2016.12.06 bugfix 0.7.7 2011.03.03 deps update (no more haskell98) 0.7.6 2011.12.30 added Japanese (Jens Petersen) 2011.11.29 bugfix (thanks Sara) 0.7.5 2011.11.28 added config for alarm sound 2011.08.01 fixed cabal (thanks Simon Hengel) 0.7.4 2011.04.26 added Italian (thanks erm67) 0.7.3 2011.04.22 added Swedish (thanks Closey) 0.7.2 2011.04.17 added case control 0.7.1 improved cabal 0.7 2011.01.24 added Norwegian (thanks arnvidr) added timer for Dutch (thanks Boris27) and German (thanks marens and ichbinsisyphos) added Danish style 2 added German style 3 (thanks marens and ichbinsisyphos) added Spanish style 3 (thanks xenofungus) added timer alarm sound fixed exit codes 0.6 2011.01.21 added the timer mode (en, fr, pl and tr) added Spanish (thanks itsbrad212) fixed the almost-next-hour bug 0.5 2011.01.17 added halves as base (de, nl and pl) added Greek (thanks Gbak), Dutch (thanks litemotiv) and Turkish some corrections (thanks Daniel Fischer from again) 0.4.1 2011.01.15 fixed nextFTHour 0.4 2011.01.15 added --time (thanks Daniel Fischer and Brent Yorgey from!) added --style added Danish (by M_ller with my modifications) removed "południe" from pl sorted out the representation of midnight and noon added a man page 0.3 2011.01.14 added midnight and noon added checking cli options fixed the "quarter past quarter" bug 0.2 2011.01.12 added French and German added 12 vs. 24-hour clock 0.1.1 2010.12.06 added cabal 0.1 2010.12.05 initial release: two languages (en and pl), 1 < precision < 60