generic-lens-core- Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms.

Safe HaskellNone



type Context n s t a b = (GenericN s, GenericN t, Defined (Rep s) (NoGeneric s '[Text "arising from a generic traversal of the type parameter at position " :<>: QuoteType n, ((Text "of type " :<>: QuoteType a) :<>: Text " in ") :<>: QuoteType s]) (() :: Constraint), s ~ Infer t (P n b PTag) a, t ~ Infer s (P n a PTag) b, Error (ArgCount s <=? n) n (ArgCount s) s, a ~ ArgAt s n, b ~ ArgAt t n, GHasTypes ChGeneric (RepN s) (RepN t) (Param n a) (Param n b)) Source #

derived :: forall n s t a b. Context n s t a b => Traversal s t a b Source #