generic-lift: Lift any pure function over any Applicative stack.

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This package contains a family of functions based on familiar Applicative, Functor, Traversable, and Foldable methods with the special property that they operate on stacks of arbitrary depth.

For example, liftAll is like the liftA* functions except that it can lift a function through multiple layers of Applicatives instead of just one. Additionally, it can lift a function of arbitrary arity.

Usage of the term "stack" in this documentation refers to something like

Maybe [Either Bool [Int]]

where Int is embedded in a nesting of types that all share some common interface, such as Applicative.

You will want to have TypeApplications turned on so that you can supply a type argument that the compiler is not able to infer on it's own. This is the type of the stack with () as the embedded value. For example:

>>> :set -XTypeApplications
>>> liftAll @[Maybe [()]] (+) [Just [3 :: Int]] [Just [6, 7]]
[Just [9,10]]
>>> data Foo = Foo Int String Double deriving Show
>>> liftAll @[[()]] Foo [[2]] [["string"]] [[5]]
[[Foo 2 "string" 5.0]]
>>> fmapAll @[Maybe ()] length [Just "string"]
[Just 6]
>>> traverseAll @(Either String [()]) print (Right [1,2,3])
Right [(),(),()]

(Additional examples are in the haddocks.)

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