geni-gui-0.25.1: GenI graphical user interface

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Graphviz is an open source tool which converts an abstract representation of a graph (node foo is connected to node bar, etc.) into a nicely laid out graphic. This module contains methods to invoke graphviz and to convert graphs and trees to its input format.

You can download this (open source) tool at



class GraphvizShow b where Source #

Data structures which can be visualised with GraphViz should implement this class. Note the first argument to graphvizShowGraph is so that you can parameterise your show function (i.e. pass in flags to change the way you show particular object). Note that by default, all graphs are treated as directed graphs. You can hide this by turning off edge arrows.

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class GraphvizShowString b where Source #

Things which are meant to be displayed within some other graph as (part) of a node label

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graphvizShow :: b -> Text Source #

toGraphviz Source #


:: GraphvizShow a 
=> a 
-> String

the dotFile

-> String 
-> IO FilePath 

Note: the dotFile argument allows you to save the intermediary dot output to a file. You can pass in the empty string if you don't

gvShowTree Source #


:: GraphvizShowNode n 
=> Text

node prefix

-> Tree n

the tree

-> DotSubGraph Text 

Displays a tree in graphviz format.