gf-3.9: Grammatical Framework

Safe HaskellSafe




Text lexing

lexText :: String -> [String] Source #

Text lexing with standard word capitalization of the first word of every sentence

lexText' :: (String -> String) -> String -> [String] Source #

Text lexing with custom treatment of the first word of every sentence.

bindTok :: [String] -> [String] Source #

Bind tokens separated by Prelude.BIND, i.e. &+

Code lexing

lexCode :: String -> [String] Source #

Haskell lexer, usable for much code

lexLatexCode :: String -> [String] Source #

LaTeX lexer in the math mode: should not be separated from the next word

Mixed lexing

lexMixed :: String -> [String] Source #

LaTeX style lexer, with "math" environment using Code between $...$

Additional lexing uitilties

capitInit :: [Char] -> [Char] Source #

Capitalize first letter

uncapitInit :: [Char] -> [Char] Source #

Uncapitalize first letter

unquote :: [[Char]] -> [[Char]] Source #

Unquote each string wrapped in double quotes