gf-3.9: Grammatical Framework

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Text lexing without word capitalization of the first word of every sentence.

Text lexing and unlexing for Ancient Greek:

normalize :: String -> String Source #

normalize = change grave accent on sentence internal words to acute, and shift inherited acutes to the following enclitic (where they are visible only as shown in the list of enclitics above)

denormalize :: String -> String Source #

de-normalize = change acute accent of end syllables in sentence internal (non-enclitic) words to grave accent, and move accents of enclitics to the previous word to produce ordinary ancient greek

toGrave :: String -> String Source #

Change accent on the final syllable of a word

enclitics :: [[Char]] Source #

Accent moves for enclitics and proclitics (atona)

dropAccent :: [Char] -> [Char] Source #

Accent manipulation

hasEndAcute :: [Char] -> Bool Source #

Accent checking on end syllables