Changelog for git-vogue-

2018-05-12 v0.3.0.2 Christian Marie <> * compatibility: GHC 8.4.2 * plugins: cabal plugin only works with Cabal >=2.2, now optional via the cabal flag 2018-05-12 v0.3.0.1 Christian Marie <> * tests: update unit tests 2018-05-12 v0.3.0.0 Christian Marie <> * plugins: disable ghc-mod until it builds with ghc 8.x, only latest stack LTS and beyond will be supported * misc: Setup.hs ported to cabal 2, greatly simplifying things 2017-08-25 v0.2.2.2 Christian Marie <> * plugins: cabal plugin ignores dubious warning about AllRightsReserved license * plugins: hlint plugin now exits with correct codes 2017-08-14 v0.2.2.1 Christian Marie <> * dependencies: Bump ghc-mod, hlint and stylish-haskell to be inline with latest stack-9.0 lts * plugins: ghc-mod will only work with >=5.8 now due CPP allergy * plugins: packunused plugin now vacuously succeeds if binary not found 2015-01-30 v0.2.0.1 Christian Marie <> * dependencies: Drop list-tries dependency 2015-01-21 v0.2.0.0 Christian Marie <> * plugins: All plugins now support multiple repositories * plugins: Output is formatted and streamed as it is generated * git-vogue: Provide interface for plugin enabling/disabling * git-vogue: Modular VCS architecture introduced * git-vogue: Allow checking of a single file via git-vogue check file 2015-01-05 v0.1.0.4 Christian Marie <> * plugins: Allow disabling of plugins via git config 2015-01-05 v0.1.0.3 Christian Marie <> * Initial public release