github-0.7.1: Access to the Github API, v3.

Safe HaskellNone



The API for dealing with labels on Github issues, as described on



label :: String -> String -> String -> IO (Either Error IssueLabel)Source

A label, by name.

 Github.label "thoughtbot" "paperclip" "bug"

labelsOnRepo :: String -> String -> IO (Either Error [IssueLabel])Source

All the labels available to use on any issue in the repo.

 labelsOnRepo "thoughtbot" "paperclip"

labelsOnIssue :: String -> String -> Int -> IO (Either Error [IssueLabel])Source

The labels on an issue in a repo.

 labelsOnIssue "thoughtbot" "paperclip" 585

labelsOnMilestone :: String -> String -> Int -> IO (Either Error [IssueLabel])Source

All the labels on a repo's milestone, given the milestone ID.

 labelsOnMilestone "thoughtbot" "paperclip" 2