glob-posix- Haskell bindings for POSIX glob library.

Copyright(c) Reuben D'Netto 2016
LicenseApache 2.0
Safe HaskellSafe



This module exports GlobFlag values which are only supported on platforms using the GNU implementation of glob. Using them on non-GNU platforms will result in a compile-time failure. If you wish to defer the failure to run-time, you should also import System.Directory.Glob.GNU.Compat.



globBrace :: GlobFlag Source #

Enable CSH-style brace expansion. e.g. foo.{txt,md}. Supports nested braces. (GNU extension)

globNoMagic :: GlobFlag Source #

Enables globNoCheck if the pattern contains no metacharacters. (GNU extension)

globOnlyDir :: GlobFlag Source #

Only return directories, if it is cheap to do so. (GNU extension)

globPeriod :: GlobFlag Source #

Allow leading . to be matched by metacharacters.

globTilde :: GlobFlag Source #

Substitute home directory for '~' or '~user' prefixes.

globTildeCheck :: GlobFlag Source #

Like globTilde, but return no matches if there is no such user.