gmap-0.1: Composable maps and generic tries.




ListMap type

data ListMap map k a Source

The Map type for keys of form Map map k => [k].


Map map k => Functor (ListMap map k) 
(Typeable1 map, Typeable k) => Typeable1 (ListMap map k) 
Map map k => Foldable (ListMap map k) 
OrderedMap map k => OrderedMap (ListMap map k) [k] 
Map map k => Map (ListMap map k) [k]

ListMap is an instance of Map.

(Eq k, Eq a, Eq (map (ListMap map k a))) => Eq (ListMap map k a) 
(Map map k, Ord k, Ord a, Ord (map (ListMap map k a))) => Ord (ListMap map k a) 
(Map map k, Read k, Read a) => Read (ListMap map k a) 
(Map map k, Show k, Show a) => Show (ListMap map k a) 
(Typeable1 (ListMap map k), Typeable a) => Typeable (ListMap map k a) 
(Map map k, Monoid a) => Monoid (ListMap map k a)