gnss-converters-0.3.5: GNSS Converters.

CopyrightCopyright (C) 2016 Swift Navigation Inc.
MaintainerSwift Navigation <>
Safe HaskellNone



RTCMv3 to SBP Conversions.



toWn :: Word16 -> Word16 Source #

Convert from MJD to GPS week number

See DF051 of the RTCM3 spec

mjdEpoch :: Word16 Source #

MJD GPS Epoch - First day in GPS week 0. See DF051 of the RTCM3 spec

convert :: MonadStore e m => RTCM3Msg -> m [SBPMsg] Source #

Convert an RTCM message into possibly multiple SBP messages.

validateIodcIode :: Word16 -> Word8 -> Word8 Source #

Validate IODE/IODC flags. The IODC and IODE flags (least significant bits) should be equal. IODC is Word16 while IODE is Word8, so we shift IODC to drop the most significant bits. We return a 1 if valid, 0 if invalid.

gpsUriToUra :: Double -> Double Source #

Convert between RTCM/GPS URA ("User Range Accuracy") index to a number in meters. See section 2.5.3, "User Range Accuracy", in the GPS signal specification. Indices 1, 3, and 5 are hard-coded according to spec, and 15 is hard-coded according to SBP/Piksi convention.