gnuidn-0.2.2: Bindings for GNU IDN

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Punycode is a simple and efficient transfer encoding syntax designed for use with Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA). It uniquely and reversibly transforms a Unicode string into ASCII. ASCII characters in the Unicode string are represented literally, and non-ASCII characters are represented by ASCII characters that are allowed in host name labels (letters, digits, and hyphens).



encode :: Text -> Maybe (Integer -> Bool) -> ByteString Source

Encode unicode into an ASCII-only ByteString. If provided, the case predicate indicates whether to uppercase the corresponding character after decoding.

decode :: ByteString -> Maybe (Text, Integer -> Bool) Source

Decode a ByteString into unicode. The second component of the result is a case predicate; it indicates whether a particular character position of the result string should be upper-cased.

Returns Nothing if the input is invalid.