gnuplot-0.4.1: 2D and 3D plots using gnuplot



Provide a class that renders multiple Haskell values in a text form that is accessible by gnuplot.

Maybe we add a method for the binary interface to gnuplot later.


class C a whereSource


text :: a -> [ShowS]Source

number :: (Int, a)Source

The right pair member is a dummy result that is needed only for type inference. Expect that it is undefined


C Double 
C Float 
C Int 
C Int8 
C Int16 
C Int32 
C Int64 
C Integer 
C Word8 
C Word16 
C Word32 
C Word64 
C UTCTime 
C Day 
Integral a => C (Ratio a) 
(C a, C b) => C (a, b) 
(C a, C b, C c) => C (a, b, c) 
(C a, C b, C c, C d) => C (a, b, c, d)