{- |
We provide a way to specify a set of columns
that matches the tuple structure of a certain graph type.
module Graphics.Gnuplot.Value.ColumnSet
   (T(Cons), atom, pair, triple, quadruple,
   ) where

import qualified Graphics.Gnuplot.Value.Atom  as Atom

newtype T a = Cons [Int]

atom :: Atom.C a => Int -> T a
atom i = Cons [i]

pair :: T a -> T b -> T (a,b)
pair (Cons ai) (Cons bi) = Cons (ai++bi)

triple :: T a -> T b -> T c -> T (a,b,c)
triple (Cons ai) (Cons bi) (Cons ci) = Cons (ai++bi++ci)

quadruple :: T a -> T b -> T c -> T d -> T (a,b,c,d)
quadruple (Cons ai) (Cons bi) (Cons ci) (Cons di) = Cons (ai++bi++ci++di)