grapefruit-records- A record system for Functional Reactive Programming

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This module provides records of signals and signal-related data.

A record has a type of the following form:

    (X :& name_1 ::: signal_1 `Of` val_1 :& ... :& name_n ::: signal_n `Of` val_n) style

A value of such a type is a list of fields where the ith field has type (name_i ::: signal_i `Of` val_i) style.

(:::) is a data family. Its style parameter is a phantom type which selects the instance of the family. For a concrete style type, the type (name ::: signal `Of` val) style covers name-value pairs where the type of the values depends on signal and val. For example, if style is of the form SignalStyle era, the values have type signal era val. This leads to records of signals with identical era. With the styles Connector Consumer and Connector Producer, it is possible to form records of consumers and producers.

Field names are represented by types which are declared as follows:

    data Name = Name

This makes it possible to use names as types (allowing the use of names in compile-time checks) but also as expressions and patterns.


Signal kind

data SignalKind Source


Kind SignalKind 
Sort SignalKind (Of signal val) 

Signal records

type SignalRecord era record = record (SignalStyle era)Source

Records which contain signals of a common era as values.

data SignalStyle era Source

The style of signal records of a specific era.

Fields of signal style records have the form name ::= signal.


Connector records

type ConsumerRecord record = ConnectorRecord Consumer recordSource

Records which contain signal consumers as values.

type ProducerRecord record = ConnectorRecord Producer recordSource

Records which contain signal producers as values.

type ConnectorRecord connector record = record (ConnectorStyle connector)Source

Records which which contain signal connectors (producers or consumers) as values.

data ConnectorStyle connector Source

The consumer and producer record styles.

ConnectorStyle Consumer is the style of consumer records and ConnectorStyle Producer is the style of producer records. Fields of connector style records have the form name ::~ connector.


Style (ConnectorStyle connector) 

consume :: Record SignalKind record => ConsumerRecord record -> Circuit era (SignalRecord era record) ()Source

Converts a record of consumers into a circuit that consumes a corresponding record of signals.

produce :: Record SignalKind record => ProducerRecord record -> Circuit era () (SignalRecord era record)Source

Converts a record of producers into a circuit that produces a corresponding record of signals.