graph-wrapper-0.2.3: A wrapper around the standard Data.Graph with a less awkward interface



Exposes things that are considered to be too unstable for inclusion in the exports of Data.Graph.Wrapper.

Use of this module should be avoided as it will change frequently and changes to this module alone will not necessarily follow the Package Versioning Policy.



type Edge i = (i, i)Source

An edge from the first vertex to the second

data Graph i v Source

A directed graph


Functor (Graph i) 
Foldable (Graph i) 
Traversable (Graph i) 
(Ord i, Show i, Show v) => Show (Graph i v) 

indexGVertex :: Ord i => Graph i v -> i -> VertexSource

vertex :: Ord i => Graph i v -> i -> vSource

Retrieve data associated with the vertex

vertices :: Graph i v -> [i]Source

Exhaustive list of vertices in the graph

edges :: Graph i v -> [Edge i]Source

Exhaustive list of edges in the graph